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Commercial buildings in the Omaha, NE area can take advantage of all of the great benefits that Axe Janitorial offers. You will find that they have years of experience of providing quality janitorial service to the top commercial buildings in the area.

One of the services you may require from your janitorial company is to help fight Covid. This team is able to take all of the precautions to help your facility be safe from Covid. Their electrostatic sprayer allows door knobs, light switch plates, and handrails to be disinfected. They can also be more detailed with this service and take care of phones, keyboards, mouse devices and other office equipment. Restroom and kitchen fixtures can also be taken care of. Even the chairs in your lobby or waiting area will benefit from this treatment.

Axe offers day and night janitorial services as well as construction cleaning. If your company is in need of having a day porter, they can provide you with the porters you need to help keep your building clean at all times. They can take care of all of your sweeping, mopping, dusting and restroom cleaning to keep your building looking its best. They can also take care of window cleaning and taking out the trash. You will be amazed at the improvement in your building when you have professional custodians taking care of all of your janitorial needs.

Should your building require detailed work such as carpet cleaning, Axe should be your team for that. They are going to work hard to help make your carpet clean and fresh. Commercial buildings that have stained or dirty carpets can be an eye sore and it can be a negative for those that visit your business. Making sure that your building is always its cleanest is the best way to welcome all customers and clients.

If construction has taken place in your building, we know that it can create a big mess and cleaning it up quickly can be paramount. We can help you get your building back in order so that you are ready to welcome your customers in. We are able to take care of getting rid of all debris left behind from construction as well as dust from the job that has been done. We can also make sure everything is wiped down and ready for the public. Your building will back up to par in no time when you let us take care of all of your janitorial needs.

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